Kylie McFall

Certified Herbalist and Health Nutritionist Kylie has been a holistic practitioner for 6 years. Her personal journey began when she suffered from multiple sclerosis, Graves disease, severe anxiety and PTSD. As a mom of 4, she was desperate to find healing that Western medicine didn’t offer. When she discovered the healing power of medicinal herbs, she became passionate about helping others, and has since helped many to discover their own healing success.


Take Back Control of Your Life

Our bodies are quite adept at repairing themselves. We use methods that aid that natural ability to enable healing and prevention. Whether you are seeking relief from a cold or a chronic disease, we can help you create a plan to thrive using medicinal herbs and herbal remedy specific to you.

Nutrition and Weight Management

We believe many illnesses can be avoided and healed through proper nutrition and medicinal herbs. Often times, people who struggle with weight are overloaded with toxins and are unable to reach the desired weight until they have cleansed their bodies, find the right herbal remedy for them and learn to live a balanced lifestyle.

Anxiety and Depression

Healing starts with the mind. If one’s mental health is not well, physical healing will be halted. We understand the importance of mental health and are committed to helping clients find healing for the mind and body. There are many medicinal herbs and herbal remedy that we have successfully used to treat mental disorders.